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Задняя крышка книги без суперобложки - фото

Webster`s new World Dictionary

David B.Guralnik, editor
Издательство: The World Publishing Company. Oxford & IBN Publishing Co., New Deli, Bombay, Calcutta
Язык: Английский
Обложка: Твёрдая
Год издания: 1975
Тираж: Не указан
Страницы: 882 стр.
Размеры: 24,8х19,5 см.
Состояние: Хорошее
Местонахождение: Россия, Москва
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Суперобложка после ремонта.

The Second Concise Edition of Webster's New World Dictionary is still another addition to the family of word reference books that have been serving America's dictionary needs for over two decades It has been prepared by the same permanent lexicographical staff that brought out the highly acclaimed Second College Edition, using the same data base compiled for that work. The success of the earlier Concise Edition, first published in 1956, has made it clear that there are many professional and business people, secondary-school students, office workers, word-game addicts, learners of English as a second language, and others who want a comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary, but who have less need for the extensive etymologies, highly technical or arcane terms, rare meanings, and certain other features found in the Second College Edition. For such persons, the Second Concise Edition should prove highly serviceable.
The word stock of this edition, over 105,000 vocabulary entries, was selected on the basis of frequency of occurrence in general publications and books of general interest. It is of primary importance that a contemporary dictionary make every effort to incorporate the burgeoning vocabulary that reflects our rapidly expanding technology and the changes that are taking place in our life styles. That very term life style typifies the kind of coinage that the lexicographer must be constantly on the alert to identify and to incorporate in the ongoing record of language usage that we term a dictionary. In selecting for inclusion in this Second Concise Edition items from our vast citation file, we have been careful to cull only those terms that have acquired a stability of form and meaning and that show some promise of surviving in the language, at least for a time. We have equally sought to avoid expending space on the merely faddish or ephemeral terms that appear suddenly and then die within a year or two.
To help the user get the full benefit of the language information included in this dictionary, we have prepared a detailed Guide to the Use of the Dictionary, which appears on the following pages. You are urged to read it.
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